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While coal use has evolved and production has grown tremendously from the days of locomotive engines and potbelly stoves, it remains an essential component in our everyday lives. Coal-fueled electrical power is used to light homes, schools, offices, and shopping centers. Industrial facilities generate both heat and power for industrial uses. The global demand for energy is ever-increasing, as nations grow and develop and as new power-intensive applications emerge. Today, steam coal is used by utilities to generate electricity, while metallurgical coal is used for either the coking process or in place of steam coal.

Drummond has been in the business of mining coal since our inception in 1935. Our US mining operations are located in Alabama while our international mining operations are located in Colombia and serve customers in both the U.S. and abroad. Drummond produces metallurgical coal from Shoal Creek and Twin Pines in the Warrior Coal Basin, which stretches across Jefferson, Tuscaloosa and Walker counties in Alabama and steam coal from Mina Pribbenow and El Descanso, located near La Loma, Colombia. We continually meet our customers’ energy needs in a complex and challenging marketplace through our ability to blend coal from multiple reserves to ensure consistent, high quality products.

Drummond controls reserves totaling more than two billion tons and in 2016 we shipped approximately 32 million tons of coal to customers in more than 24 countries worldwide. We are proud to be identified as a significant producer of compliance coal, which meets the Phase II low-sulfur requirements of the 1990 Amendments to the Clean Air Act.

Proven and Probable Reserves

Colombia: 2 billion tons
Shoal Creek: 129 million tons
Twin Pines: 20 million tons
Other Locations: 83 million tons
Total proven and probable: 2.232 Billion tons

Alabama State Port Authority
Alabama Coal Association