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DRUMMOND ED. 02 ENG 15 n the departments of Cesar and Magdalena in Colombia, a population of approximate-ly 350,000 people benefit from Drummond’s commitment to the community. Activities that allow for the full development of the region, timely response to complaints and grievances, priority given to the local workforce and fulfillment of its environmental, hygiene, occupational health, industrial safety and human rights obligations are part of the corpo-rate policies that frame each one of the company’s axes for social action. These are the main ones: 1. EducATion And culTurE progrAms Learning and training projects, both for adults and children, are the most important area of social responsibility for the company. Broadly speaking, they include building, remodeling, maintaining and equipping schools, as well as training teachers, building school schools and more than 1,500 children trained at them. • primary and secondary school scholarships for employees and their families (5,577 children and 2,855 employ-ees have benefitted). • university scholarships for employees and their fami-lies (1,371 family members and 1,035 employees). some of the schools built, remodeled or expanded are: the southern rural school in Bosconia (first stage), the Enoc mendoza rural school in cienaga, the school of Arts and crafts in the township of río Frío in Zona Photo: Juan Manuel Pinilla dining rooms, creating music schools, setting up computer and science labs, providing university scholarships for the best stu-dents, and training high school graduates in mining activities. somE oF ThE rEsulTs: • remodeling, expanding and equipping 529 classrooms. • Educational scholarships for approximately 68 stu-dents, fully covering their tuition plus a monthly sti-pend for living expenses. • 158 teachers trained. • 27 school dining rooms built. • Equipment for nine music I AREA OF INFLUENCE Mine: Becerril, Codazzi, Chiriguaná, El Paso, La Jagua de Ibirico. Rail corridor: Aracataca, Algarrobo, Bosconia, Fundación and Zona Bananera. Port: Cienaga. Capitals: Valledupar (Cesar) and Santa Marta (Magdalena).

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