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DRUMMOND ED. 02 ENG 23 Sense of belonging Drummond’s Human Resources team, since January, has been conducting a series of training sessions that has allowed them to have a closer relationship with the operators and technicians that work in the Mining Operations and at the Port, sharing information with them on the company’s various processes and fostering a sense of belonging. S ocial responsibility, en-vironmental visited the reforestation areas, policies and production are only some of the issues addressed in the Human Resources training sessions. They are always looking for the most relevant approaches to come up with activities that allow them to share this infor-mation in the best way possible, highlighting the role that this area plays within the company and the roles of each of its members. One of the first activities that was conducted successfully this year was the Ecotour. Develop-ment of this program started in January in Mining Operations and it was focused on letting the partic-ipants know about the measures that Drummond takes to promote environmental conservation. This event was a great success because the participants themselves were the ones who made the presenta-tions on the progress on environ-mental issues. After this, they took an outdoor tour where employees the Paujil reservoir and the air and water laboratory, among others. In March, a new training session was begun dedicated to informing employees of how the company fulfills its social respon-sibility. Under the slogan ‘Drum-mond, a good neighbor,’ an inter-active newscast was presented that showed the company’s work with the communities, the scholarships that it grants and its investments in the neighboring municipalities. The third training session, held at the Port and later in Mining Operations, is focused on Drum-mond’s entire production process. The intent is for all employees to know and understand what the company’s other locations do. In this case, the entire coal process is explained through photos, videos and fun activities. How is it extracted? How is it transport-ed? What machinery is used? All of the training sessions are delivered during a period of 63 days each. Day after day, various groups of participants receive the information. The general idea is to use different interactive activ-ities that allow employees not only to listen, but also to really understand and comprehend all of the information that is being shared with them. It also allows people from the human resourc-es department to be in closer contact with employees from the operations area, making them feel that they are an important and vital part of the company. EDUcATIng lEADERs similarly, individual training sessions have been carried out with the leaders from Mining Operations and the Port to show them strategies that they can use to learn how to handle different labor situations. This opportunity has allowed the human resources department to advise its leaders and in this way to develop a closer relationship with employees.

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