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DRUMMOND ED. 02 ENG 7 deposited in the ship’s holds. This system, as it was originally installed, had a capacity between 26 and 30 million tons per year. In 2007, through Decree 3038 the Colombian govern-ment ordered that as of January 1, 2010, coal companies must perform direct loading. Howev-er, the regulations required an environmental license to make the required adjustments, which delayed implementation of the method requested by the State. In 2008, Drummond began working on the preliminary de-sign, its pre-feasibility, feasibility and, in general, the entire process involved in developing a project of this size. For example, the conceptual design for building the new system was the responsibili-ty of the Engineering and Design Department of the parent compa-ny in the United States, with the help of an American advisor who is an expert in port construction. The pier has industrial water drainage, containment and management, dust suppression and water sprinkling systems. This port was made possible through the efforts of the company’s entire team of workers, as well as the domestic and international contractors and suppliers that participated in its construction.

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