Drummond Cares

Drummond Cares

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Drummond cares about the communities in which we operate and is excited to partner with ABC 33/40 again this year to sponsor televised high school football, facilitate canned food drives among students, and recognize special educators with Teacher of Month awards!   

Drummond Company understands how valuable teachers are to our community. They work with our children every day to help shape our future generations. We know that teachers work with limited classroom resources and their work is challenging and often underappreciated. Drummond wants you to help us recognize some of the dedicated teachers who have had a positive, lasting impact on our children and their future. Drummond will donate $500 for the Teacher of the Month to use in their classroom.  ABC33/40 will feature the winning teacher on television commercials and interview them on Talk of Alabama.

How does it work?

Do you have a plan to nominate a special teacher? Anyone can nominate their favorite teacher by clicking on the nominate button above or by going to https://abc3340.com/station/contests/drummond-company-teacher-of-the-month. The site will be open for applications at all times throughout the year, and nominations from prior months will carry over and continue to be eligible for the monthly award. There are no deadlines to apply. One teacher will be awarded each month. The winning teachers will be notified by ABC 33/40.

Friday Night Rivals

As part of the Drummond Cares campaign, we support local schools by sponsoring the Friday Night Rivals coverage of high school football games. Join us each fall on My68 to watch competing teams on Friday Night Rivals!